BD3 files cannot generate issue

Tue Feb 2 07:29:24 GMT 2021

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> Dear Albert,
> be aware that you have sent this mail to a public mailing list.
> I suggest you to check for your internal Valeo IT support
> Regards
> Marco

Marco, you do know you have committed a crime, right? Top-posting by a senior Cygwin member? :)
Please use bottom-posting. I always wanted to write that... it reminds me the newsgroups era.

> On 02.02.2021 05:17, Albert-Fan YANG via Cygwin wrote:
> > Hi, good morning,
> > This is Albert-Fan from PES Shanghai. We want to use Winades tool in
> > our project, but the issue is Winades cannnot recognize the [BUILD]
> > folder as a database. We compared other project files, and found that
> > the key point is that BD3 files should be in the [BUILD] folder. So we lack
> that.
> > And we go to simulink the compile process, and find BD3 generation has
> > failed indeed. Please see the log below.
> > Currently we use _TOOL_ in simulink package to perform compile. (The
> > Valeo designed batch folder) Could you please help me on BD3 file
> > generation, or help me on Winades using?
> > Thanks so much!

It seems that Corinna's mail hooks for auto-reply for FAST_CWD issue are failing for attachments.  Anyway, your problem is described in the following section:


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