BD3 files cannot generate issue

Albert-Fan YANG
Tue Feb 2 04:17:52 GMT 2021

Hi, good morning,
This is Albert-Fan from PES Shanghai. We want to use Winades tool in our
project, but the issue is Winades cannnot recognize the [BUILD] folder as a
database. We compared other project files, and found that the key point is
that BD3 files should be in the [BUILD] folder. So we lack that.
And we go to simulink the compile process, and find BD3 generation has
failed indeed. Please see the log below.
Currently we use _TOOL_ in simulink package to perform compile. (The Valeo
designed batch folder)
Could you please help me on BD3 file generation, or help me on Winades
Thanks so much!

*Fan YANG 杨帆*
SW Engineer,Shanghai *Valeo* Automotive Electrical Systems Co.,Ltd

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-------------- next part --------------
----------------DicoToBase v1.3---------------- 
Input directory : C:\Users\ayang6\Downloads\SourceCode_3kW_Geely_DCDC\project_all_build\SWA_EMB\BUILD\ 
Output directory: C:\Users\ayang6\Downloads\SourceCode_3kW_Geely_DCDC\project_all_build\SWA_EMB\BUILD\ 
Temp directory  : C:\Users\ayang6\Downloads\SourceCode_3kW_Geely_DCDC\project_all_build\SWA_EMB\BUILD\MySQLdata 
Using 'typedef_ext.txt' provided by user. 
Connecting to Database... 
Creating Database Tables... 
Importing Text Files... 
Building BD3 Files... 
Writing BD3 Files... 
Converting BD3 to BDD... 
CARACTER file conversion:... 100%	OK. 
ENUMERE file conversion:... 100%	OK. 
CARACTAB file conversion:... 100%	OK. 
GROUPES file conversion:... 100%	OK. 
REFERENC file conversion:... 100%	OK. 
COMMENTS file conversion:... 100%	OK. 
Writing BDD Files... 
Files generation done in 5 seconds. 
See 'DicoToBase.log' and 'BD3_TO_BDD.log' files for possible warnings. 
setEnumLength .\BUILD\caracter.txt to 2 bytes 
setEnumLength .\BUILD\caracter3.txt to 2 bytes 
------------------- GeneBase ------------------- 
Error reading INI file 
Files generation done in 0 seconds. 
-------------- WinAdes ImportRP2 -------------- 
ImportRP2 form ../_RP2_/RP2_SWC_MCU 
 1 - INITIAL.rp2 
geneulp SWA_EMB 
      1 [main] grep 10132 find_fast_cwd: WARNING: Couldn't compute FAST_CWD pointer.  Please report this problem to
the public mailing list
can't open BUILD/VERSIONS.BD3: No such file or directory at C:\Users\ayang6\Downloads\SourceCode_3kW_Geely_DCDC\project_all_build\_TOOL_\GSOFT\BDD\GeneUlp\ line 132. 
make: *** [geneulp] Error 2 

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