Random assembler errors after update mingw64-x86_64-binutils-2.35.2-1

Michael Soegtrop MSoegtrop@yahoo.de
Mon Feb 1 09:25:57 GMT 2021

Hi Achim,

I have some evidence that this update leads to random assembler errors. 
I have 3 CI failures (out of 5 runs) since the update in an open source 
project I maintain. The failure is always an error from the MinGW 64 
assembler and the errors are random - that is if I rerun the same CI 
test the error went away in one of one tested case and in the failing 
cases the error happened compiling different files.

I haven't seen anything like this before the update.

Here are links to one failing and one good case:

Fail run package version:

Fail run error message:

Good run package version:

I will revert to the old version of the package and see if the errors go 

The 32 bit version seems fine do far.

Best regards,


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