cygcheck-dep: handling of provides ?

Marco Atzeri
Fri Dec 24 18:31:19 GMT 2021

Hi Mikhail,

can you add the handling of provides ?

# /usr/bin/cygcheck-dep:
# warning: unknown package names:
#   the following encountered package names does not match
#   any available or installed package (use -M switch to get details):
#( perl5_032 gcc11)

$ grep "^provides:" setup.ini
provides: gcc11
provides: gcc10
provides: gcc11
provides: gfm15
provides: gfm15
provides: gfm15
provides: perl5_032
provides: perl5_030
provides: xserver-video-abi25
provides: xserver-video-abi25

It is a bit annoying to be forced to use continuosly "-q"

Thanks in advance

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