python3.9 failing?

Henry S. Thompson
Thu Dec 23 20:00:25 GMT 2021

Russell VT writes:

> On Tue, Dec 21, 2021 at 6:34 AM Achim Gratz <> wrote:
>> Marco Atzeri writes:
>> > Without Python 3.9  installed python3 should link by default to the
>> > next in the line (likely 3.8)
>> While python3 still defaults to python38 alternatives should probably
>> prioritize 38 over 39?
> That's how I "fixed" mercurial on my own installation, as it was
> complaining about missing the "parsers" module, from inside the Python 3.9
> libraries, IIRC.

I strongly suspect that although you've 'fixed' the problem, you
haven't actually fixed its underlying cause, which is the same as
mine, fixed per suggestion by as follows.  This allows mercurial to
work with python3.9, as it should.

Marco Atzeri writes:

> On 21.12.2021 14:12, Henry S. Thompson wrote:
>> Sometime recently python3 stopped working, I suspect when it became
>> patched through to python3.9.

> please upgrade/reinstall cygwin 3.3.3
> with all Cygwin processes off

You can check if you need this if you don't see the following:

 : cygcheck -c cygwin
  Cygwin Package Information
  Package              Version        Status
  cygwin               3.3.3-1        OK

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