How to start KDE in Cygwin/X vs LXDE

Keith Christian
Thu Dec 23 19:11:45 GMT 2021

After a bit of research, I discovered that "Plasma" is the "KDE
Desktop" I was looking for, and there are these 16 choices.
By running #16, "XWin Server" there is an additional X icon with a
green interion in the "hidden icons" list, which has an extensive menu
of X programs to run.

     1  Fluxbox
     2  FVWM
     3  GNOME Flashback (Metacity)
     4  GNOME-Openbox
     5  KDE-Openbox
     6  LXDE
     7  LXQt Desktop
     8  MATE
     9  Openbox
    10  Plasma
    11  User script
    12  WindowMaker
    13  Xfce Session
    14  XLaunch
    15  XtoW
    16  XWin Server

Thanks to the Cygwin team for all of their hard work this past year on
making Cygwin even better!

Happy Holidays!

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