Is it possible to include golang and rust to cygwin?

Sat Dec 18 09:45:23 GMT 2021

C,C H writes:
> I am looking for making golang and rust codes compiled in cygwin, but it
> seems not easy to build these compilers from scratch.

Rust is a lost cause, there were some discussions among their developers
that went nowhere.  Their stance is "we support one compiler for
Windows, that's enough".

> Currently, cygwin does not provide golang and rust compilers.

In principle gcc-go should be easiest to get off the ground, although I
have no idea if it'd provide a native target that cooperates with the
rest of Go.  Similarly to Rust the Go developers seem to think "we have
one working Windows toolchain" and see Cygwin and MSys just as providing
cross compilers.

> As far as I know, these popular programming languages are ported to msys2.

No, there's only the cross-compiler AFAIK and only because even the rust
folks recognized that requiring MSVC unconditionally wasn't going to fly.

> Is it possible to provide these pipular language compilers?

PTC -- go ahead and put in the effort.

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