setup-x86_64.exe does not start in win10 20H2

Marco Atzeri
Fri Dec 10 15:30:49 GMT 2021

On 10.12.2021 16:19, Kutty, Rejeesh wrote:
> Thanks,
> I did try deleting, re-downloading many times, no luck.
> I also tried the following versions from the link you gave me (
> setup-2.909.x86_64.exe
> setup-2.910.x86_64.exe
> setup-2.910-3-g217aad.x86_64.exe
> All behave the same way.

can you check the files ?

$ md5sum setup-*x86_64.exe
be948258a63ff971c6f21ebc2a8af43e *setup-2.910.x86_64.exe
02bf88888c1db4b4e5ead39c1812bd13 *setup-2.910-3-g217aad.x86_64.exe
82f0a6cf3a2b228acf0b2009dc6f6d42 *setup-x86_64.exe

additional, as I see

CommandLine: C:\Users\rkutty\Downloads\setup-x86_64.exe

Can you also try to run it in a different directory
like C:\TEMP ?

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