Cygwin installer does not terminate

Jon Turney
Sun Dec 5 15:43:52 GMT 2021

On 30/11/2021 09:09, Stefan Smorra wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running the x86 installer under 64bit Windows 10 (as administrator) 
> as follows:
> The problem is that the installer does not terminate. It stays open in 
> the background (hidden) what can be seen in the task manager.
> Also it's consuming 90% CPU and the generated log file under 
> C:\smo-cygwin\var\log\setup.log is about 12GiB after 5min.
> The log file looks like this:
> ...
> 2021/11/29 13:21:38 Changing gid back to original
> ...
> 2021/11/29 13:22:05 running: C:\smo-cygwin\bin\dash.exe 
> "/etc/postinstall/zp_man-db-update-index.dash"
> 2021/11/29 13:22:05 Changing gid to AdministratorsEnding cygwin install
> ...
> The line "Changing gid to AdministratorsEnding cygwin install" then 
> appears millions of times. It never ends and there are no other log 
> lines coming.
> Note that this only happens if I run the installer as administrator.
> There seems to be problem when the installer changes gid. This can be 
> seen in the log. The fact that it only happens if the installer is run 
> as administrator approves this.

Thanks for reporting this problem.

After some staring at the code, I think the problem is perhaps that the 
linked list of log entries can get corrupted if multiple threads add 
messages to it simultaneously.

I built an updated setup with a change to avoid that in this case:

Perhaps you could try that and see if it improves things for you?

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