unix domain socket as non administrator

Roumen Petrov bugtrack@roumenpetrov.info
Sat Dec 4 09:11:33 GMT 2021

Hello Cygwin users,

On non-regular basis I run pkix-ssh tests. Builds are with two OpenSSL versions : system from cygwin package and current openssl release.

As usual pkix-ssh regression tests pass until this year. Due to limited time I cannot provide usable for developers. Information below is more from user point of view.

So few months ago after upgrade agent test start to fail. Investigation (logs) shows that sender (ssh-add) push date to unix socket stream. Agent read them with received data is incomplete and utility refuse to process operations. Empiric tests shows that agent has to run as administrator while there is no such requirement for ssh-add.
As side note all pkix-ssh test pass ig console is run as administrator.

Unfortunately something is changed in past months. Now current status (cygwin upgrade about 2 weeks old) is that both program must be run as administrator.

And finally question - does unix domain socket works for users without administrative rights?

Roumen Petrov

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