OS hang when multi-process build fail

Roumen Petrov bugtrack@roumenpetrov.info
Sat Dec 4 08:51:14 GMT 2021

Hello Cygwin users,

On non regular basis I would like to perform regression test of recent pkix-ssh version with recent openssl release.
In this case is was openssl master branch now release as 3.0.

The problem is that with current cygwin packages gcc make and etc. openssl build with "num of cpu + 1" processes fail with communication error.
Issue is that in such case operation system is unusable.  It respond on mouse events but build process in cygwin console cannot be canceled by keyboard interrupt signal (crtl+c).  Also cygwin console window cannot be closed as well. More over "task manager" and etc cannot be started and I must shutdown OS - [power]  button works.

Builds were run  in cygwin console without administrative rights.

It seems to me current cygwin release has issue with inter-process communication, for instance in setup program as well.

Roumen Petrov

P.S. Now I use single process "night"-build as work-around.

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