setup as not admin - package upgrade failed

Roumen Petrov
Sat Dec 4 08:35:39 GMT 2021

Hello  Cygwin users,

Now I have time to share a number of issues related to cygwin.

I have a cygwin installations (32 bit is retired) since many years. Unfortunately last two version of setup start to fail on package upgrades. What was change - hardware , os version and etc.

After so many upgrades finally I have administrative access. If I run installation normally it switch to administrative permissions and upgrade process "just  for me" works just fine.

Why then issue is reported when exist "work-around"?
First because as some point of time I do not have administrative rights and so I prefer to run installation as before. But this is not so important.

Main point is that in cygwin console as normal user tar command extracts failed packages without errors.

Roumen Petrov

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