Generating Linux Compatible binaries

Achim Gratz
Fri Dec 3 20:56:45 GMT 2021

Goswami-EXT, Himanshu writes:
> I want to generate the Linux compatible binaries on Windows System.

If you are on a recent Windows version your easiest option is probably
to use WSL and use native compilation on Linux.  second easiest is
likely to set up a VM to run Linux in (that might actually be easier
than WSL if you already have some virtualisation environment set up for
something else, but you said you were on Windows).

> Cygwin is a cross compiler which offers POSIX environment.

No, Cygwin is a user-space layer on top of Windows that provides a POSIX
environment for applications that target Cygwin (i.e. Cygwin
applications are neither Windows nor Linux applications).

> But I could not find any Unix libraries to generate the Linux compatible binaries.
> Could you please advice any steps that I can follow?

Just like you'd do on any other non-Linux system: set up a
cross-compilation toolchain and start compiling all dependencies until
you can finally compile whatever Linux application you wanted orginally.

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