realpath issue with native[strict] symlinks

Orgad Shaneh
Tue Apr 27 05:44:34 GMT 2021

On Apr 19 12:58, Corinna Vinschen via Cygwin wrote:
> On Apr 18 10:59, Orgad Shaneh via Cygwin wrote:

> I was going to write:
>   Nothing we can do about without re-implementing Cygwin's path handling
>   from scratch.  For historical reasons, POSIX paths are evaluated in a
>   non-POSIXy manner from right to left.  If the resulting path is an
>   existing path, the assumption is that no inner path component is a
>   symlink.  That's true as long as Windows didn't support
>   symlinks/junctions and Cygwin didn't support them.
> But now I'm writing this:
>   Probably I have a workaround for this problem.  I added a certain test
>   to the function checking the outer path component, so the checks for
>   path validity don't stop at the outer path component, just because
>   it's a valid Windows path.
> I pushed the patch and uploaded new developer snapshots to
> Please give them a try.

Tried now, and it works for me. Thanks a lot!

- Orgad

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