[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: setup (2.908)

Jon Turney jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk
Mon Apr 26 11:47:52 GMT 2021

A new version of Setup (2.908) has been uploaded to:

  https://cygwin.com/setup-x86_64.exe  (64 bit version)
  https://cygwin.com/setup-x86.exe     (32 bit version)

Changes compared to 2.905:

- If a selected site URL saved from the last run starts with "http://", 
and an identical URL, except starting with "https://", is in the current 
mirror list, migrate it from "http://" to "https://".

- Propagate the value of the CYGWIN environment variable into post 
install and pre-remove scripts (Thanks to Michael Wild for this patch).
   Partially addresses: 

- Warn about unknown package names used with '--packages' or 
'--remove-packages' options.

- Add support for installing a specific package version from the command 
line, with the syntax '--packages package=version'.

- Add '--allow-test-packages' option, which allows the consideration of 
test packages when upgrading etc. to be turned on from the command line 
(Thanks to David Allsopp for this patch).

- Move (potentially localizable) installation progress and package 
action strings to string table resource.

- Fix new warnings and build issues with gcc 10.

- During configure, check for x86 gcc configured with incompatible DW2 
exception handling.

Please send bug reports, as usual, to the public mailing list cygwin AT 
cygwin DOT com.

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