mintty window border?

Mark Geisert
Mon Apr 26 00:15:52 GMT 2021

Jim Garrison via Cygwin wrote:
> Mintty's window does not seem to have any border at the left and bottom.
> The top of the window has the title menu bar and the right side is the
> scroll bar.  When I have multiple mintty windows open, and they overlap,
> since there is no border, one window blends into another.
> I searched mintty's options and there doesn't seem to be a way to
> specify a border.  If the window background is a light color, there's
> a subtle drop shadow that helps a bit, but with a dark style it's
> impossible to distinguish the windows.
> Here's a sample:
> Is there a way to make it draw a border?

As Thomas pointed out, not mintty's fault.  I ran into the same issue on first 
upgrade to Windows 10.  Windows 7 allowed one to set window borders; Windows 8 and 
up don't.  But one can adjust registry entries to fix the issue.  Check here:
The fix outlined there works for Windows 10 too.


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