realpath issue with native[strict] symlinks

Orgad Shaneh
Sun Apr 18 07:59:26 GMT 2021


When winsymlinks:native/nativestrict is used, realpath doesn't resolve
the full path correctly, when a symlink to the same directory is used.

Example follows. The output is:

While it should be /home/user/recurse/d1 for both.

A few observations:
1. When CYGWIN is not set at all, the link is created as a junction.
It works ok in cygwin, but cannot be accessed from cmd (probably
because it is a file junction, and not a directory one). On this case,
realpath works as expected.
2. If I create a junction using mklink /j test3 ., the issue reproduces,
regardless of winsymlinks configuration.


export CYGWIN=winsymlinks:nativestrict
rm -rf recurse
mkdir recurse
cd recurse
mkdir d1
ln -s . test
ln -s $PWD test2
cmd ///c 'mklink /j test3 .'
(cd test/d1 && realpath .)
(cd test2/d1 && realpath .)
(cd test3/d1 && realpath .)

- Orgad

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