dealing with a NTLM-proxy

Tue Apr 13 19:35:15 GMT 2021

Hi. I'm running my cygwin installation on a Windows 10 laptop without 
admin rights in a corporate network. To install for example pyhton 
moduls using pip or stuff with ansible-galaxy, I'm supposed to cross 
that corporate proxy working only with the proprietary NTLM protocol. 
cntlm isn't a working solution since when I'm executing the setup.exe, 
I'm required to enter an admin password. ntlmaps isn't a solution too. 
Python version is too old. But I've figured out is, curl is able to cope 
with a NTLM proxy. Is it possible to make pip or ansible-galaxy to make 
use of a curl command instead of trying it with the enviromment 
variables http_proxy and co?

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