cgdb fails with cygwin 3.2.0 but is OK with 3.1.6

Arthur Norman
Tue Apr 13 18:56:07 GMT 2021

René Berber wrote
> At one time it was recommended to disable a Cygwin feature, something
> like this:
> alias cgdb="env CYGWIN=disable_pcon cgdb"
> Not sure if this is still necesary.

Thank you for the reminder about that. I had forgotten - however ion my 
main Windows machine I have the CYGWIN variable set like that all the time 
and in the VM that I tried with it is not - and in both cases cgdb seems 
to behave well on the slightly old version of the cygwin package but 
failed with the latest. So I do not think that is the issue here and I 
might live advice as to whether I can now remove that setting of CYGWIN!


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