X11 blinking cursor in text window like 'gvim' - only halts if moved-over another X11-win

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Fri Apr 9 15:12:28 GMT 2021

Am 09.04.2021 um 16:41 schrieb Jon Turney:
> On 07/04/2021 01:27, L A Walsh wrote:
>> I don't recall this always being this way as I keep running into
>> a problem with my input going into the wrong window.
>> I've noted I seem to be relying on which editor(i.e. gvim)
>> window in X11 has focus by noting that it has a
>> blinking square cursor in the window at the cursor's
>> current position in the edited text.
>> If I move the windows cursor to another editor window in X11,
>> the blinking cursor moves to the new window, but if I move
>> it to a native window, the blinking doesn't stop.
>> Has this always been this way?
> I think so, yes.
> See [1] et seq. for a discussion of what I think is the same problem, 
> where the Cygwin X server doesn't notify X windows of a focus loss 
> when the focus moves to a non-X window.
Hmm, when I start xterm -bc and click out of xterm (e.g. mintty or 
Thunderbird), the cursor stops blinking for me.

> Unfortunately, my attempts at fixing this just introduced more 
> problems (see [2],[3] et seq.), and so were reverted.
> [1] https://sourceware.org/legacy-ml/cygwin/2017-04/msg00168.html
> [2] https://sourceware.org/legacy-ml/cygwin/2017-04/msg00278.html
> [3] https://sourceware.org/pipermail/cygwin/2017-May/232564.html
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