Perl Unidecode modules - which to use (if not Text::Unidecode)?

Joel Rees
Mon Apr 5 22:39:42 GMT 2021

Well, in the following, are your plans cognizant of the fact that many
major languages do not incorporate a partition between vowels and

Do you plan to target only those languages which do?

2021年4月6日(火) 6:50 Mark Aitchison <>:

> A little more detail... I realise that stripping accents off is often not
> a good thing to do, but at the moment that basically is what I'm after, or
> to be more specific: I want to know if the character is a consonant or
> vowel... I basically throw away vowels and punctuation in this odd
> application. Later I will want to do all sorts of things with input text
> that might be utf8 or utf16 or some encoding that (hopefully) I can guess
> and translate to the same standard and ultimately spit out on a web page.
> There seem to be many perl modules that do similar things... I want to be
> able to distribute my code and not require people to download things from
> cpan. I'd like to stick with modules that are as stock standard as standard
> can be, i.e. are in a standard cygwin distribution, and are normally found
> in other perl environments. In a sense, searching cpan gives me too many
> options because that includes modules that might require a customer to do
> more than I should ask them to have to do, if it could have been avoided by
> me choosing a more standard way of achieving the goal in the first place.
> What I probably should have asked is...
> 1. What perl module, that comes with cygwin, is good for telling whether a
> letter is a consonant?
> 2. Later on I will also need something that makes a reasonable guess as to
> what kind of encoding is used in some text (that might not have a helpful
> header telling me the answer), with the view to converting it to whatever
> encoding I want? I can find software to do this, but I would like to
> restrict options to just those a cygwin user can install with the setup
> program... if I'm not being too unrealistic about that requirement.
> Thanks, Mark

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