Perl Unidecode modules - which to use (if not Text::Unidecode)?

Achim Gratz
Mon Apr 5 06:43:19 GMT 2021

Mark Aitchison writes:
> I am writing perl programs that I'd like to know will work under both
> Linux and Cygwin, and have to deal with Unicode now.

Why not do it properly, i.e. actually work in unicode?

> I had used Text::Unidecode happily in Linux but find no cygwin
> version. Possibly I am not looking in the right places for it, but
> possibly there are different Unicode-related modules that are
> well-supported under both cygwin and linux that I should be using
> instead, and I guess Unicode might be one of those things where it
> depends on the underlying o/s so it probably pays to go with whatever
> is the standard set of modules.

Text::Unidecode _strips_ unicode characters down to ASCII so that
programs that are non-Unicode aware will not balk.  This may have been
useful in the past, but I no longer see the point when the standard
environment almost everywhere is either UTF-8 or UTF-16 these days.


See "perldoc unicode" for starters.

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