Perl Unidecode modules - which to use (if not Text::Unidecode)?

Joel Rees
Sun Apr 4 21:26:18 GMT 2021


Sorry for the feint, Mark.

CPAN is the perl way to get perl modules and such, but see below.

2021年4月2日(金) 5:38 Mark Aitchison <>:

> I am writing perl programs that I'd like to know will work under both
> Linux and Cygwin,
> and have to deal with Unicode now.
> I had used Text::Unidecode happily in Linux but find no cygwin version.
> Possibly I am not
> looking in the right places for it, but possibly there are different
> Unicode-related
> modules that are well-supported under both cygwin and linux that I should
> be using
> instead, and I guess Unicode might be one of those things where it depends
> on the
> underlying o/s so it probably pays to go with whatever is the standard set
> of modules.
> 1. What perl Unicode modules should I consider, if not Text::Unidecode?
> The present need
> is to be able to convert those few "foreign" characters (like
> that are basically ASCII with accent marks to their closest ASCII
> equivalents, but I'd
> like to do more with Unicode in the future, without going down any
> dead-ends as far as
> being able to run under cygwin is concerned.

"Stripping those few foreign accent characters" is probably not really what
you want to do.

Those "accent characters" are misinterpreted foreign encoding (likely not
to be Unicode) characters. Simply "stripping" the "accent characters" will
basically convert them to truly meaningless junk. I suppose the meaningless
junk can then be interpreted by the reader as "used to be a be a foreign
word here", but why bother contributing further to information entropy?

2. I see some talk of Internationalization in Chapter 2 of "Setting up
> Cygwin", but
> cannot see anything relating to perl modules, and I don't see any easy way
> to search many
> months of the mailing list for a keyword... is there any information I
> should know about?

Have you read the perldoc on internationalization?

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