Problems (and a workaround) with zlib and Windows Dev Channel

test test
Sat Oct 31 21:45:07 GMT 2020

> I noticed that some programs that depend on zlib stopped working and started creating stackdumps with Windows Dev Channel build 20246.1. I could not get gdb working with zlib but I figured a workaround: I recompiled zlib with cygport using the latest gcc (10.2.0) and copied the dll over the old one. That did fix the problem.
> Regards,Teemu

Hi Brian,

> Could this have been a BLODA caused by your AV package e.g. Windows Defender?

I have had Cygwin installed for a long time now on and it has worked  on every Dev Channel version until now. The only that that changed was an upgrade to a new version. I have excluded Cygwin's directory in Windows Defender settings.

> Do you happen to know the zlib version you were running?

Zlib is version 1.2.11-1.


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