How to ensure that /bin takes priority over System32 with "bash -c"?

Matt D.
Sat Oct 31 13:16:13 GMT 2020

I have Cygwin's /bin directory configured to be available on my login
environment PATH by default. This behavior is inherited when I run a
bash login shell:

$ where sort

But if I run the following script from a Windows command prompt:

C:\> bash -c "where sort"

This creates problems when I want to run a bash script from a process
that does not inherit my login environment. Scripts can fail
unexpectedly where identically named binaries from System32 take

I can't always know what binaries exist in C:\Windows\System32 when
writing my scripts. Am I supposed to always launch scripts as "bash
--login -i -c"? I don't want or need to have bash run all of its login
scripts unnecessarily.

How can I run my bash scripts without invoking it as a login shell and
ensure that /bin has the environment priority over System32 binaries?

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