Conflict if same username local and in domain

Andrey Repin
Fri Oct 30 07:29:59 GMT 2020

Greetings, David Balažic!

> I started Cygwin Terminal to find out, I landed in the other users
> home folder and have no write access.

> What happened was:
>  - log into Windows as domain user DOM\JOE
>  - start cygwin shell, land in /home/joe
>  - log into Windows as local user JOE
>  - start cygwin shell, land in /home/joe , but with no write access,
> as it belongs to other user according to Windows

> Is this a known issue? Should cygwin use a different username?

This is a caveat of the default nsswitch configuration in Cygwin.
It uses home directories inside Cygwin's own directory tree by default and
name them after username without domain, but you can configure it to either
use a different home directory name or just use user's profile as home
directory. Which is, if you ask me, way more logical.

Be aware of the noacl flag for mounting directories outside Cygwin tree, or
you may surprise your Windows applications with less than trivial ACE setups
generated by Cygwin in "strict POSIX" mode.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Friday, October 30, 2020 10:25:49

Sorry for my terrible english...

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