Conflict if same username local and in domain

L A Walsh
Thu Oct 29 20:42:07 GMT 2020

On 2020/10/29 05:39, David Balažic via Cygwin wrote:
> Hi!
> I started Cygwin Terminal to find out, I landed in the other users
> home folder and have no write access.
    I have the same username, but not the same "home" directory.
The user that signs in 1st gets the short name, the 2nd login gets
the domain or system name appended like
/users/linda.domain/domain account.

    Both of the user names have uniq windows UUID's and I have both in my

    The two directories SHARE many of the same files -- so both my logins
are in a common 'local' group (like 'lindaGroup'), and since the machine
is in the domain, I can create a 'domain\lindagroup' and on my local
machine, both logins are in that group -- for that matter, the domain group
is also in the local group -- so theoretically I could just put both logins
in the domain group.

Anwyay, it DOES work -- it just has to be configured right.

So you say you got /home/joe for both -- but don't they have a /user 
that is different for each?

just point your /home/=>/User, or if you really want them separate, then
have /home/joe point to /Users/joe/home, and the domain should get
joe.dom so /home/joe.dom => /Users/joe.dom/home.

I started with my /home dir pointed at my the same dir as my /users dir, so
by default, windows separated them.

Both my userid and username are different -- have 2 entries in /etc/passwd:

Bliss\linda:*:5013:201:L A 

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