[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 3.4.1

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Sat Oct 24 15:15:26 GMT 2020

I have uploaded mintty 3.4.1 with the following changes:

   * Some fixes to tabbar behaviour (thanks to K. Takata).
   * Dynamic installation of temporary fonts.
   * Optionally preserve TAB characters in clipboard.
   * Revision of locale handling and character encoding setup.

Terminal features
   * Fixed injected false visual tab indication (#1036).
   * Escape sequences for stack of colours (XTPUSH/POP/REPORTCOLORS, 
xterm 357).
   * Support multiple controls in OSC 4, 5, 10..19, 104, 105 (#1038, xterm).

Window handling / Tabbar (thanks to K. Takata)
   * Align position of new tabbar-enabled window with previous one (#1044).
   * Tweaked tabbar handling for speed-up of title changes (#1043).
   * Fixed startup position of maximised window (#1045).
   * Fixed Alt+Shift+F2 and Alt+F2 behaviour on a maximised window (#1045).

Font installation / Portable application
   * Support dynamic installation of temporary fonts (#901, #1004).

Window handling
   * Clipboard selection can optionally contain TAB characters (#1037).
   * Click-open link still after moving the mouse over the link area 
   * Keep hotkey-started window in taskbar (#1035).
   * Override font zooming also with Ctrl, to support FancyZones (#487).
   * Fixed CopyAsHTML config glitch (#1042).

Character encoding
   * Revised locale handling and setting, especially with option Locale.
   * Revised character width determination and setting, especially with 
option Locale.
   * Revised setup of GB18030 encoding support.
   * New option to enforce narrow ambiguous-width.
   * Do not clear/overwrite all locale categories anymore by option Locale.
   * Do not enforce UTF-8 encoding with WSL anymore.
   * Propagate locale settings with option --WSL (mintty/wsltty#259).
   * Do not enforce UTF-8 for WSL anymore.

   * New option CopyTab (#1037).
   * New option value Charwidth=ambig-narrow.
   * New option OldLocale.

The homepage is at http://mintty.github.io/
It also links to the issue tracker.


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