Interaction with non-cygwin programs

Federico Kircheis
Sat Oct 24 15:04:59 GMT 2020

I've lately updated Windows to the latest version, and cygwin too (I had 
something previous to 3.0).

I've read that interaction with non-cygwin programs should be better 
because of the console-helper.

But in my daily usage the integration is worse, programs like tmux or 
even less seems to have more issues than before.

For example

   /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/TortoiseSVN/bin/svn log | less

used to work correctly.
Currently if I press arrow down or up less does not scroll up or down 
anymore and "ESC[" appears briefly at the top-left of the console.

Of course i could install subversion inside cygwin, as

svn log | less

works without issues, but it's just an example.
git, adb, and other programs trigger the same behavior.

Also less is not the only program, tmux for example has similar issues.

I believe the underlying issue is console-helper but I'm not sure how I 
could test it, as I did, for example, not find how I could disable it, 
or if the issue is already known.

I'm able to reproduce the issue on a clean machine, so it should not be 
a configuration issue on my side.

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