I have a problem with some applications in Cygwin

Oliver Schoede oliver.schode@online.de
Thu Oct 22 21:30:51 GMT 2020


>I have a new Windows 10 PC with a fresh Cygwin installation, but
>struggles with some of the applications that I have installed. When I
>try to use applications like ssh, ssh-keygen, git, snmpwalk, snmpnext
>etc. they all just hangs and I am not able to stop them through

To me it sounds like a path conflict, missing, wrong or
duplicate configuration, or keys in this case. Are you, or were you
using one of these applications also natively on Windows? If it's a new
system, maybe you don't know something was preinstalled. On the other
hand, did you even install Cygwin's own packages, and are you sure
you're starting those? (Try `which <app>`) Are you or is something
modifying your environment? Where are your ssh keys stored?

You probably need to make those apps aware of where they are.


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