Unconsistent command-line parsing in case of UTF-8 quoted arguments

Jérôme Froissart software@froissart.eu
Wed Oct 14 22:14:13 GMT 2020

Le mer. 14 oct. 2020 à 23:47, Jérôme Froissart <software@froissart.eu> a écrit :
> However, there is still a question that is puzzling me. I now
> understand _why_ things happen that way, but I am still wondering
> whether this is really what we _want_. I mean, keeping the double
> quotes around an UTF-8 argument just because it is not run from
> Cygwin's bash sounds like a bug for me, doesn't it? (yet I definitely
> understand the reasons that explain this behaviour). Since I cannot
> run my program from bash, I have to resort to manually trimming the
> quotes, which I would have liked to avoid.

Just to rephrase what is puzzling me:
When I understood that sshfs-win had a bug when an argument contained
diacritics, I expected many possible issues : mismatching codepages,
poorly-handled encodings, implicit conversions between UTF-8 and
Latin-1, etc., which would make some sense.
But I definitely did not expect that "double quotes were not properly
removed by the runtime", which (imho) does not make any sense.

I hope I have managed to rephrase my problem clearly :D
Thanks to all of you for your help!

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