Cygwin Mirror - FTP - HTTP - HTTPS - RSYNC

Clientvps Offshore Hosting
Mon Oct 12 08:04:24 GMT 2020

We are a hosting service company that wants to provide services to open
source software systems. In this regard, we have prepared a mirror for
Cygwin support, which we want to put in your list after your review.
Please check our mirror and let us know if we see a problem so we can fix it
We are very happy to be able to become a mirror for Cygwin .

Mirror *HTTP* URL:
Mirror *HTTPS* URL:
*FTP* Mirror:
*RSYNC *Mirror:
rsync -r rsync:// /path/to/mirror

Country the mirror is located: Germany
Update frequency : 2 times per day
Contact email address:
contact person name: Eric Milon
Rsync repository used: Yes
I have subscribed the contact address to
At the moment, I rsync from this IP address:
I am checking the output from the rsync job on a regular basis : Yes

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