Build spends a long time in "mkimport".

Kaz Kylheku (Cygwin)
Sun Oct 11 02:32:22 GMT 2020

Hi All,

When building the Cygwin DLL, this single step takes almost ten minutes:

   ../../.././winsup/cygwin/mkimport --cpu=i686 --ar=ar --as=as --nm=nm 
--objcopy=objcopy \
   --replace=atexit= --replace=timezone= --replace=uname=uname_x 

   [ .. SNIP ... ]

   --replace=truncate=_truncate64 libcygwin.a cygdll.a 
_cygwin_crt0_common.o \
   atexit.o cygwin_attach_dll.o cygwin_crt0.o dll_entry.o dll_main.o 
dso_handle.o \
   libcmain.o premain0.o premain1.o premain2.o premain3.o 

What's puzzling is that there is very CPU activity during this time. 
It's launching
some objcopy commands.

Is there some documentation that provides an overview of what exactly 
this does,
other than studying its perl source code?

Maybe it can be sped up?

I'm going to have to cycle quite a few times on some changes, so this is 

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