Seeking For Collab With

Dino James
Sat Oct 10 16:21:06 GMT 2020

 Seeking For Collab With
I’m Dino James. I’m a huge fan of your blog, especially your
last post that you published.

I’ve come across a few topic pieces that I think your readers will love. In
fact, Your competitors ranks for them, and they have only a small fraction
of your domain authority.

What Is GPU Scaling?
60hz Vs 144hz Vs 240hz: Which One Is Better For Gaming?
How to set monitor to 144hz?
How to use laptop as second monitor?

I’d like to write one of these for you (free of cost, as I’m just trying to
get my work out there).

I’ve actually done something similar before on mobygeek ( ,) who is now
ranked #4 for "csgo on mac" keyword.

If this sounds good, please let me know which topic you like, and I’ll
start working on it this evening.


-Dino James

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