Problem with OpenMPI

Rudnei Dias da Cunha
Thu Oct 1 14:47:21 GMT 2020

I have installed all the relevant OpenMPI packages to develop programs in
Fortran but found a problem when compiling programs in Fortran 90 with the

use mpi

as mpifort then complains:

$ mpifort hello_usempi.f90

   13 |     use mpi
      |         1
Fatal Error: Cannot open module file ‘mpi.mod’ for reading at (1): No such
file or directory

The workaround was to use

mpifort -J/usr/lib

as /usr/lib is the directory where mpi.mod resides after the installation
of the OpenMPI packages.

Has anyone found this before? Shouldn't the flag -J/usr/lib be issued as
part of the string issued by mpifort?


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