Couldn't compute FAST_CWD pointer

Andrey Repin
Thu Oct 1 09:42:33 GMT 2020

Greetings, Alice Bilton!

>> I am a Sheffield University student trying to install MASS software.
>> However, during the process I have received the following message a number
>> of times:
>> The problem is that the MASS software is meant for an older version of
>> Cygwin which has not been shipped in 10 years. The error is misleading and
>> from when Cygwin was a commercial product. The professor who assigned this
>> software will need to find a newer version for students.

> Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!. Do you mean that my professor
> needs to find a newer version of Cygwin or Mass, for it to work?

See the KB article linked by the bot:

Also, please no top-posting in this list.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Thursday, October 1, 2020 12:41:41

Sorry for my terrible english...

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