Help with setting Cygwin's Emacs W32 TRAMP to WSL 1

Oleksandr Gavenko
Sat Nov 28 14:07:34 GMT 2020

On 2020-11-27, Eliot Moss wrote:

> On 11/26/2020 3:38 PM, Oleksandr Gavenko via Cygwin wrote:
>> I believe that X server under Windows is only to write cool blog posts, that
>> we are able to run "xterm" ))
> Not sure what you mean here.  I run Cygwin's X server and run xterm/bash windows and Emacs that way.

On daily basis? Why not mintty and emacs-w32?

Originally (2006-2012) I used native Windows Emacs + cygwin-mount.el. There
were compatibility issues, most struggles came from Emacs dependency on
external utilities to be fully functional (like search across files). Cygwin
environment gave those utilities.

Later in 2016 I had to work with Windows again and I discovered:
  This package provides emacs binaries that use the native Windows GUI for display.

Hooray! Good bye "cygwin-mount.el"!

I maintain "e" command to open everything in Emacs:

It simplifies jump from Windows CLI to Cygwin Emacs.

And recently Gradle 5.2 fixed escape sequence handling in Mintty, making it
great again:
  Gradle now detects when it is running from Mintty on Windows and enables the
  rich console. Mintty is a popular terminal emulator used by projects such as
  Cygwin and Git for Windows.

> I was just indicating that (provided DISPLAY=:0.0 is set, as you pointed out) WSL X apps play fine 
> with the Cygwin X server.
OK. No problem. I was surprised that you are using X Window from Cygwin for
xterm + Emacs when there are stronger alternatives. At least you don't need to
deal with env var DISPLAY.

For "mintty" there is an issue with TERM=mintty which is not supported on most
remote hosts. I fixed it in ~/.bashrc recently by:

case $TERM in
  mintty*) alias ssh='TERM=xterm ssh' ;;

Note that I need TERM=mintty for Gradle to work properly. With TERM=xterm
Gradle sends unprocessible garbage to terminal...

>> Thanks god Cygwin is able to mount WSL's roots via P9 network file system.
> Not sure what P9 is :-) ..
Here it is:

>> PS. As you haven't CCed me I had to check GNUS + Gmane again. Haven't read
>> news for 3 years, found out that Lars Ingebrigtsen fucked up with domain
>> transfer.
> ??  When people post to Cygwin, I assume that are also subscribed and will get a response from
> there, and don't need _two_ emails.  But I am sending this one both places.  I also have not read 
> net news in years - shouldn't be necessary if you're willing to receive Cygwin notes by email.
I planned to read email archive week later to see responses as I didn't want to
subscribe to any mail list.


* I will know about responses a week later.

* I wouldn't reply to any respond as I have to retrieve/inject Message-Id to
  maintain message chain. For this I used MarkMail WEB form or some other
  offer in the past but experience was confusing.

As I understand it is not possible to specify me as additional recipient via
headers To/Cc/Bcc/Replay-To if you are in a land of email lists.

I remember some articles recommended to ask about inclusion of my email in
addition to list address - the only solution we have ((

Now that I found Gmane bridge working again (I had to alter Gmane connection
endpoint to "") at least I can reply without issues when not
subscribed to the list!


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