Cygwin mount option -s is not supported

Wed Nov 25 14:18:50 GMT 2020


I am trying to make "" of Weblogic 12c Release 2 (v12. working under Cygwin. After having fixed with dos2unix all the broken shell scripts that were full of MS-DOS CRLF, my attempt to create a Weblogic domain has failed again by running:

$ ./oracle_common/common/bin/
mount: unknown option -- s
Try `mount --help' for more information.
Error: Could not find or load main class

The problem is located in the following script:


  if [ -n "`uname -s |grep -i cygwin_`" ]; then
  # If we are on an new version of Cygnus we need to turn <letter>:/ in
  # the path to /cygdrive/<letter>/
    CYGDRIVE=`mount -p | tail -1 | awk '{print $1}' | sed -e 's%/$%%'`
    WL_HOME_CYGWIN=`echo $WL_HOME | sed "s#\([a-zA-Z]\):#${CYGDRIVE}/\1#g"`
    ANT_HOME_CYGWIN=`echo $ANT_HOME | sed "s#\([a-zA-Z]\):#${CYGDRIVE}/\1#g"`
    PATCH_PATH_CYGWIN=`echo $PATCH_PATH | sed "s#\([a-zA-Z]\):#${CYGDRIVE}/\1#g"`
    JAVA_HOME_CYGWIN=`echo $JAVA_HOME | sed "s#\([a-zA-Z]\):#${CYGDRIVE}/\1#g"`
    JRE_HOME_CYGWIN=`echo $JRE_HOME | sed "s#\([a-zA-Z]\):#${CYGDRIVE}/\1#g"`

>From Linux mount:

-s     Tolerate sloppy mount options rather than failing. This will ignore mount options not supported by a filesystem type. Not all filesystems support this option. This option exists for support of the  Linux  autofs-based automounter.

But it seems that the "mount" command of Cygwin does not support that option. Was that option ever supported in previous versions? Is it going to be supported? Do they know something more in Oracle that have used it in their scripts?

I know that this is not an issue of Cygwin and it should be reported to Oracle support. I just want to check all the necessary information first. I think it was working in the past (previous versions of Weblogic and/or Cygwin). The mystery must be resolved.

Panos Kavalagios

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