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Jonathan Yong
Tue Nov 24 10:24:29 GMT 2020

On 11/24/20 9:32 AM, wrote:
>> That's not what Cygwin is for, you ignore everything while conveniently
>> claiming to be looking for "insightful thoughts". You still haven't
>> answered where is it in the POSIX standard requires backslashes to be used
>> as separator or how are you going to make other *nix platforms accept such
>> a change?
> Did I get a question about where I think that POSIX requires backslashes or did I make such claim ? If one of them, I have missed that question and I have certainly not made any such claim
> All I'm saying is that I'd like std::filesystem in Cygwin to work properly and I still cannot see why that cannot happen ?
> What would the drawbacks be if std::filesystem worked more transparent (i.e. correct) and made Cygwin more useful ? I don't think the community would shrink !

There's that proverbial wider audience nonsense. "Sure is nice if Cygwin 
emulates NTVDM too, I don't the community would shrink!"

You wanted to make std::filesystem accept backslashes as separators, 
this is NOT POSIX compliant, it is contrary to the goal of Cygwin. 
std::filesystem POSIX mode is common to all POSIX platforms where 
backslashes are NOT directory separators. How do you make them accept 
your demands? How are you going to force POSIX platforms allow Windows 
specific code? Make it try to enter subdirectories every time 
std::filesystem is called?

You refuse to understand that Cygwin is NOT Windows, it is a POSIX 
platform. Using Cygwin means complying with POSIX expectations and 

I don't see how this conversation can continue if you still refuse to 
see Cygwin as something separate from Windows. Besides, you have already 
answered your question by ruling out MinGW, so Microsoft Visual Studio 
it is.
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