S.E.O. for cygwin.com

Shane MBell shanembell47@gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 09:24:40 GMT 2020

Dear cygwin.com Team,

I went to your Site cygwin.com and wanted to shoot you a quick note. If you
want I can make a few changes (aesthetically and/or SEO-wise) to make your
site convert more visitors into leads and to get it placed higher in the
organic search for a few of the select terms.

This is NOT like one of those foreign emails you probably get in your inbox
every day. Just to be upfront we have 50+ agents that work for development

I would just need to know which (if not both) services you're open to
checking out information about, either web design or SEO. Would you be open
to seeing more brief info / quote for what I would like to accomplish?

Internet Marketing Experts - We know how to make Google Happy.

If you are not on Google page 1, your website is a waste. Getting your site
on Google 1st page GUARANTEED. All the techniques used are ethical and

Please reply back to get the *Website Audit Report* we have done.

Best Regards,

Shane Bell : DM Expert

Caution: This is our marketing strategy that we use the Gmail. If you want
to receive detailed plan of action, please feel free to reply Yes, We will
get back to you with Details.
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