Please add /cygdrive/c/Windows/Sysnative to the default PATH

L A Walsh
Tue Nov 24 01:58:47 GMT 2020

On 2020/11/17 15:41, tealhill via Cygwin wrote:
> ### Summary
> Why should Cygwin add Sysnative to $PATH?  As a workaround for 
> Microsoft's failure to add Sysnative to %PATH%.
> ### Full explanation
> Cygwin imports the Windows %PATH% variable at startup.
> It would be ideal if Microsoft would add Sysnative to the default 
> Windows %PATH%.  Such a change would help Cygwin users and others.  But 
> I doubt that Microsoft will make this change.
    Adding sysnative, **incorrectly** would add 64-bit applications to
a 32-bit path.  You are asking a non-windows environment, Cygwin, that in
order to be POSIX compatible, it should add a windows path?  Name ONE other
unix or posix platform that does this by default.

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