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Fri Nov 20 16:11:06 GMT 2020


> > Applications might wanna extract type, name, parent-folder, etc but do
> > rarely care about what kind of separator it has (/ or \) and the style
> > of the root directory etc and it would be very neat if the cygwin
> > std::filesystem-library became more agnostic in these regards
> Not a goal of this project, which is to provide Unix look/feel at all
> levels.

Well, "this project" have already introduced some understanding of Windows-paths such as ("C:/" etc)

> Other projects have the goals of being cross-platform toolkits which you
> can use to work and/or look native and hide all differences; see:
> platform_programming_toolkits_and_environments
> Which cross-development libraries/tools are you missing from the 400
> mingw64 cross-development library and tool packages available for each
> architecture under Cygwin?

Well, some standardized things for networking, ipc-messaging, multiplexing and such is what's missing in the C/C++ standard but we're not missing anything among libraries and tools in the Cygwin package per say

Our main target is the *nix world and thus "Unix look/feel" is exactly what we like and Cygwin seems to offer a "Unix look/feel" to run our code natively on Windows as well but this "Unix look/feel" doesn't always work in Windows and fails to assimilate that "Unix look/feel"

[1]   std::filsystem::path path{some_path_from_somewhere};
[2]   if(std::filesystem::exists(path))
[3]   {
[4]      auto canonical = std::filsystem::canonical(path);
[5]   }

The code above is very much "Unix look/feel" but the behaviour in Cygwin is not "Unix look/feel" because it might fail on line 4 (complaining that path is not a valid file despite it said so in line 2)

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