Sv: g++ and c++17 filesystem
Wed Nov 18 09:00:55 GMT 2020

> On 11/17/2020 9:15 AM, Kristian Ivarsson via Cygwin wrote:
> > The filesystem-library as a part of C++17 seems to have some defects
> > and flaws in the cygwin-package and pretty much every lexical- and
> > canonical operation works in mysterious ways (or not at all)
> [snip]

So by this you're saying that cygwin-applications cannot handle the
filesystem it is supposed to handle ? 

How come std::filesystem first say "It's a valid file" followed by "It's not
a valid file" ? Is that part of the "circumvention" ?

In the current use case, the path is even returned from
std::filesystem::directory_iterator where it says "Hey, here's a path to a
file I found in the folder you pointed out" followed by "The path I just
gave to you is not a valid path"

It's gonna be tricky to implement applications in that way

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