cygwin64 gnuplot 5.4 patchlevel 0 -all sciripts written for gnuplot 4.6 do not run.

Achim Gratz
Fri Nov 13 21:25:12 GMT 2020

Kramer (US), Leonard via Cygwin writes:
> I'm running cygwin64 on a Windows 10 platform .  None of my 5
> existing, well established, gnuplot 4.6 scripts run under gnuplot-base
> 5.4 which I just installed.

You'd be well advised to peruse the changelogs for all the versions
since then, especially those mentioning feature removals and
deprecations as well as the section "Differences from Version 4" in the

(The particular feature you were mentioning was deprecated upstream in
version 5.0 and removed in Cygwin two and a half years ago with one of
the gnuplot 5.2 releases.)

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