Regarding openssh 8.1p1-1 access

Sudhanshu Bhutani
Tue Nov 10 18:51:08 GMT 2020

Hi cygwin community members,

My name is Sudhanshu Bhutani and we are working for one of leading network
service providers for our internal telecom tool. For the last few days, our
customers are reporting problems with our internal tool which uses cygwin
ssh and posix components.

We have a problem reported in the cygwin installation procedure, where
openssh  8.1p1-1 is not getting downloaded and cygwin mirrors are not
listing this  8.1p1-1 version and instead latest versions are listed.

How can we download  8.1p1-1 in cygwin?

Do you have any mirror/web link which our customers can use where open ssh
 8.1p1-1 is found and successful cygwin installation can happen?

I found one web link where openssh  8.1p1-1
is hosted, but cygwin says "Unable to get setup from
for openssh

Please guide me.

Sudhanshu Bhutani

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