[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 3.4.2

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Wed Nov 4 17:40:29 GMT 2020

I have uploaded mintty 3.4.2 with the following changes:

Terminal features
   * Progress bar control sequences CSI %q or OSC 9;4 (experimental).
   * Optional automatic progress detection (mintty/wsltty#202).
   * Media Copy sequence CSI 12 i to dump screen as image (#1051).
   * HTML screen dumps do not visualize Space and TAB.
   * New DECSCUSR (CSI SP q) values 7, 8 to set cursor style box 
   * Fixed horizontal position of emojis in double-width lines.

Window handling / Tabbar (thanks to K. Takata)
   * Bring other tab to top when closing (#1054).

Character encoding
   * Fixed locale setup in case of empty locale (#1050, thanks to K. 
   * Always set LANG if option Locale is used (#1050).

   * New option ProgressBar (mintty/wsltty#202).
   * New option value CursorType=box (config file/command line only, 

The homepage is at http://mintty.github.io/
It also links to the issue tracker.


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