Conflict if same username local and in domain

Andrey Repin
Mon Nov 2 06:33:10 GMT 2020

Greetings, David Balažic!

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>> On 2020/10/29 05:39, David Balažic via Cygwin wrote:
>> > Hi!
>> >
>> > I started Cygwin Terminal to find out, I landed in the other users
>> > home folder and have no write access.
>> >
>> ----
>>     I have the same username, but not the same "home" directory.
>> The user that signs in 1st gets the short name, the 2nd login gets
>> the domain or system name appended like
>> /users/linda/local-account
>> /users/linda.domain/domain account.
>>     Both of the user names have uniq windows UUID's and I have both in my
>> /etc/passwd.
>>     The two directories SHARE many of the same files -- so both my logins
>> are in a common 'local' group (like 'lindaGroup'), and since the machine
>> is in the domain, I can create a 'domain\lindagroup' and on my local
>> machine, both logins are in that group -- for that matter, the domain group
>> is also in the local group -- so theoretically I could just put both logins
>> in the domain group.
>> Anwyay, it DOES work -- it just has to be configured right.
>> So you say you got /home/joe for both -- but don't they have a /user
>> directory
>> that is different for each?
>> just point your /home/=>/User, or if you really want them separate, then
>> have /home/joe point to /Users/joe/home, and the domain should get
>> joe.dom so /home/joe.dom => /Users/joe.dom/home.
>> I started with my /home dir pointed at my the same dir as my /users dir, so
>> by default, windows separated them.
>> Both my userid and username are different -- have 2 entries in /etc/passwd:
>> Bliss\linda:*:5013:201:L A
>> Walsh,U-Bliss\linda,S-1-5-21-33333-77777-33333-5013:/Users/linda.Bliss:/bin/bash
>> linda:*:1000:1015:U-Athenae\linda,S-1-5-21-188-75-11-1000:/Users/linda:/bin/bash

> I don't have any of  /user /users /User /Users folders on my setup.
> Do you mean C:\Users ?

No, that's how her system was set up.

> Even if I symlink it, won't that just change the location, but not the
> used usernames?


> As for /etc/passwd , I don't have that file.

And you generally don't need it.

> /etc/nsswitch.conf  is empty (only comments).

But you could configure it to your liking.

Me, personally, I'm using a combination of

$ cat /etc/fstab
none /cygdrive cygdrive noacl,binary,nouser,posix=0 0 0
none /tmp usertemp binary,nouser,posix=1 0 0
C:/Users /home bind noacl,binary,exec,posix=0 0 0

$ cat /etc/nsswitch.conf
passwd: db
group: db

db_enum: all

db_home: cygwin desc windows
db_shell: cygwin desc windows


This way, I have /home as a convenient access point, while real profile
locations are controlled by Windows itself.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Saturday, October 31, 2020 18:46:05

Sorry for my terrible english...

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