Conflict if same username local and in domain

L A Walsh
Mon Nov 2 03:45:45 GMT 2020

On 2020/10/31 03:56, David Balažic wrote:
> I don't have any of  /user /users /User /Users folders on my setup.
> Do you mean C:\Users ?
	Sorry, yeah.
> Even if I symlink it, won't that just change the location, but not the
> used usernames?
	You have one user in the Domain and one on the machine.  Right?
I mean, you've verified that they have different "GUIDs" or "UUIDs" --
meaning that windows see them each as separate accounts.

	When you login to each username under windows, run 'cmd.exe', then
echo %USERPROFILE%, %HOMEPATH%.  If you are getting the same value, I think 
you don't really have 2 accounts -- but since you got the access denied, it 
sounds like you do.

	Easiest is to put your homedir in or under your your HOMEPATH directory.

	like in cmd.exe, I think it's:

mklink /d C:\home "C:\%HOMEPATH%"

(sorta backwards what you might do at the cygwin prompt)...

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