libarchive-3.4.3-2 (MinGW64 packages)

Achim Gratz
Sun Nov 1 09:09:13 GMT 2020

Achim Gratz writes:
> As previously announced, version 3.4.3-2  of
> is available in the Cygwin distribution.  The MinGW64 packages for
> the cross-compilation toolchains have now been updated as well:
>     mingw64-i686-libarchive
>     mingw64-x86_64-libarchive
> Fixes to configure for Cygwin and enabling of ZStd and LZO
> compression formats.

An additional note:

This release no longer uses the nettle library for computing
cryptographic hashes and instead uses functions provided by Windows.
This is an upstream change; the older version was treating nettle as the
preferred library, while the newer version requires an explicit
configure option for nettle to be considered during the build.

Please report if you see any problems arising from that change.

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