Current setup timestamp 1590343308

Brian Inglis
Mon May 25 13:12:22 GMT 2020

On 2020-05-25 06:26, Fergus Daly via Cygwin wrote:
> On 25 May 2020 13:13, marco atzeri wrote:
>> On Mon, May 25, 2020 at 2:08 PM Fergus Daly via Cygwin wrote:

>>> Current setup timestamp 1590343308
>>> does not seem to overwrite /etc/setup/timestamp accurately (or at all).
>>> I think /etc/setup/installed.db is seen to as it should be.

>> What exactly is your problem ?
>> Be verbose we can NOT guess your thoughts.
>> Unix time: seconds since Jan 01 1970. (UTC)

> Sorry for lack of clarity.
> Cygwin32.
> Current installed timestamp 1590341902 (got from /etc/setup/timestamp).
> I noticed there's a newer setup.ini with timestamp 1590343308.
> So I ran setup-x86.exe.
> After a (presumed) successful run I noticed however, that the file
> /etc/setup/timestamp had not altered.
> "Presumed successful run" because the file /etc/setup/installed.db had a
> new, current, timestamp.

> (I deleted /etc/setup/timestamp and re-running setup-x86.exe to see whether 
> any self-correcting behaviour would ensue. The file was not recovered.)
It looks to me that /etc/setup/timestamp is updated by the last successful setup
(upgrade?) run, and contains a copy of the selected mirror's setup.ini
setup_timestamp field as of the last successful setup (upgrade?) run, a few
hours earlier than the last successful setup (upgrade?) run.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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